Sunday, September 24, 2017

10 Very Short Horror Stories for Halloween by Halloween Eddie

1. Melody was enjoying the cold autumn weather. The sun was off in the distance, leaning happily drunk to the side of the faded blue sky. She was walking down her neighborhood with both hands being warmed by her pumpkin spice coffee. She was crunching the yellow, brown, red, and orange leaves under her red Converse. She looked down smiling enjoying the colors of the fall when a blood splattered leaf turned over revealing a severed hand. She screamed.

2. Jerry woke up needing to go to the bathroom. He had been drinking beer after beer while watching a marathon of horror movies. When he got across the dark hallway to the bathroom his wife was standing in the opening of the bathroom. The light was off, but she was still standing there with her back turned to him. "Babe? You wanna move outta the way? I gotta pee," he said. "Jerry, where are you?" his wife called from their bedroom. Jerry's head snapped back to the bedroom, and when he turned to the bathroom the girl was gone.

3. The door bell rings around midnight. Ted wakes up to answer it. It rings again. Ted looks through the peep hole and sees his dead grandmother. He had asked God to being her back and take him instead. 

4. Lisa was shopping at Wal-Mart.  

5. Finally home from taking the kids trick-or-treating, Tom decides to rummage through their candy bags to select the best ones. Ah, a Snickers--the best! Tom unwrapps the delicious chocolate and pops it in his mouth. With the first bite he takes, he feels the razor that some sick bastard inserted in it, puncture the roof of his mouth. 

6. While visiting his grandparents in a very small town in Arizona, Greg was bummed out that he had to trick-or-treat there. As soon as he and his grandfather walked out the door, Greg notices a parade of folks who resemble zombies, minus the gore and blood, walking down the street. "Oh, wow," Greg says. "Is this like the zombie parade they do in Tucson?" Greg's grandfather smiles and says, "No. Not that at all. These are the souls that roam free every Halloween. Now hurry up and put on your mask."

7. While watching a Scream marathon on AMC, Patricia kept feeling like someone was staring at her, watching her. She turned to her left and out of the living room window was a man with a blood drenched face and yellow eyes staring at here with his face pressed upon the window. He smiled. She screamed.

8. Thomas woke up feeling pain in his chest and head. The last thing he remembers was eating at a Mexican restaurant. He opened his eyes, but still couldn't see. It was pitch black. He started to remember something else: he fell at that restaurant because he had a heart attack. Panic pumped in Thomas's body. He instantly felt the cold air, the wooden casket, and the smell of dirt.

9. At home with her baby girl sound asleep in her crib, Mary Ann was in her bedroom reading a book. Suddenly, from her bedroom door peeks in a tall, thin man with a grey complexion, sunken in racoon eyes, and yellow teeth flashing from a sinister smile, and she has never seen him before. "Your baby's crying," he says. Mary Ann screams in terror, and the baby starts crying. 

10. Wanting to watch a new Marilyn Manson music video, Eric goes to YouTube. While on his feed, he sees a channel for a 24/7 live view of space. He clicks on it, the video is playing live and he sees the earth. He is amazed. I'm there, on that blue planet, he thinks. Suddenly, he sees a huge ball of fire on the right side of the screen headed to earth. The night sky turns into day time outside of his window. 

By Halloween Eddie

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  1. These are really good! Number -4- is particularly chilling... I will now have to sleep with the lights on and go without groceries for another month.