Saturday, September 23, 2017

IT (2017) Is It A Remake?

Is the new "It' movie a remake or an adaption?

I am currently hosting a horror challenge for September on Instagram: #SeptemberHorrorChallenge and after I posted that my new favorite remake is the new It movie, some people (kids, let's be honest) have told me that the new It movie is not a remake, it's an adaption.

Well, kiddos, lookit here. Yes, the mini TV series 'Stephen King's It' is an adaption. Sure. And the 2017 It movie is an adaption and a remake. Say no all you want. Correct me all you want. The movie was already made once, thus causing the new adaption to be a remake because guess what?! It has already been made, and it has been made again! Science is terrific, ain't it, sonny!

So next time these little Bill Skarsgard obsessed tweens and weirdos shipping two children together come for your head insisting that It doesn't qualify as a remake, send them over to Uncle Eddie's blog.

Wait. Why did I even write this?

Keep it creepy

Halloween Eddie

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