Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Boy From Halloween World - Meet The Writer

I didn't choose the Halloween life. The Halloween life chose me. 

Ever since I was a kid, and I first watched this Shape who returned on a Halloween night with a white mask, and only made the noise of breathing, stalking a girl behind the bushes in the neighborhood, I was mystified and intrigued. 

After that, watching horror movies my dad rented (I was shocked when I saw a snowman getting touchy-feely with a girl in the shower), I was also watching a show about these kids who sat around for a palaver of scary stories in the woods. Soon after that I was reading these kids books that were scary and had dripping slime on the letters, and also watching the show of that one.

Years later, here I am. I'm still into horror movies and books. I am a horror writer, artist, blogger, and Halloween enthusiast. Everyday is Halloween for me, but I go the extra mile once September says hello and sits down, kicking summer in the ass until next time. 

I am here to write about horror, share my art of horror, share the nightmares and fears that I conjure in my writing, and doing it all with the Halloween spirit. Look for me everywhere with the username @halloweeneddie welcome to my Halloween world. 

Keep it creepy,

Halloween Eddie

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