Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Fan Boys and Girls Scream 'The IT Movie Is Not A Remake!'

For those of you who don't know, I have been hosting a horror movie challenge on Instagram #SeptemberHorrorChallenge and one of the day's challenges was "Favorite Remake." I mentioned that IT was favorite remake and that made some people obsessively hover over that post ready to correct me with false information. 

The main things I have been getting:
"It is not a remake. It's a new adaption."
"It is not a remake. It's a new vision."
And recently "It isn't a damn remake."

Well, sorry to bust your balloons, but guess what? It is a remake. 

Why is It a remake? Well, because there was already an adaption. It crawled into the movie world (mini-series-TV-movie-thing) and was MADE. 27 years later (just as Pennywise comes back to feast) there is a new It movie. So It has been REMADE. Sure, they are both different adaptions of the book and obviously stem from the book--the book is the mother ship, duh. But either way you put it, the new It is a remake and I don't know why people are so active, apt, and aggressively trying to prove that wrong. 

(Long sigh) Anyway, I want to go watch It for a second time. It is without a doubt horror movie of the year.

Keep it creepy

- Halloween Eddie

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