Thursday, October 26, 2017

It (2017): The Success That Box Office Experts Didn't Predict

From the New York Times: "But the biggest story is the tremendous run of “It.” That Stephen King adaptation perked up the domestic box office after a dismal August, and not even box office experts predicted just how well the movie would perform."

Box office experts didn't predict the success of 'It' because most people, especially critics, don't take horror movies as seriously as a drama or super hero film (yeah, even that). They still think it's crazy how horror has been thriving this year. Sure, like Stephen King said, we make up horrors to help us deal with the real ones. And like an episode of AHS Cult people are plenty afraid and fearful in 2017, but horror (especially 'It') is thriving because it is a great movie. We haven't had such a great Stephen King adaption in a very long time.

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