Saturday, July 21, 2018

(Review) The Inhuman Condition (Books of Blood Volume 4) by Clive Barker

The Inhuman Condition by Clive Barker

Stories Include:
The Inhuman Condition
The Body Politic
Down, Satan!
The Age of Desire

The Inhuman Condition aka Books of Blood Volume 4 is a solid work of Barker's niche when it comes to horror, monsters, and sexual pleasure that knows no limits, not even pain.

My favorite story from The Inhuman Condition is Revelations. It is a story about an Evangelist, his nerve-wracked wife, and their driver, Earl, who on their way to a ministry make an emergency stop due to a storm and stay at a haunted motel known as the Slaughterhouse of Love. I don't want to reveal anymore or give it away, so you have to read this one.

And who would have known a story about hands would be so damn creepy and scary and nerve wracking? Barker nomanaged to creep me the hell out in  The Body Politic. Let's just say that hands become rebellious and want freedom to roam.

Down, Satan! is good, but really short. A rich and powerful man begins to build a hell on Earth to persuade God to show up and intercept him from the Devil.

The Inhuman Condition is a cool monster story with plenty of action and gore.

Clive has a poetic way of describing things and saying them differently with a smooth style and vivid execution..The Inhuman Condition is a perfect example of Barker's beautiful, yet, haunting, prose.

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