Monday, July 30, 2018

The Girl in the Hallway (Horror Flash Fiction)

The Girl in the Hallway
By E. Reyes

My hair feels like it grew an inch. Goose bumps ran all over my body, raising every strand of hair possible.

I was alone at home, but I just saw someone walk in the hallway. Whoever it was came out from my parent's bedroom. I was watching Hell's Kitchen when from my peripheral view I saw someone walk by. The hair-raising chills did not fade, but I decided to get up anyway.

I didn't want to call out and ask who was there because if it was an intruder I didn't want them to know I was coming. What if they had a gun? Some sort of weapon? I decided to walk over to the hallway slowly. Chef Ramsey provided good background noise in case my footsteps were a little too loud.

After I approached the entrance to the hallway I took a peek. The hallway was extremely dark. My bedroom door was closed and so was my sister's. And the weirdest part, my parent's bedroom door was closed, too. But I did not hear it close.

After seeing nobody in the hallway I took a step toward the bathroom which is in the far back. That's when somebody stepped out from the darkness.

The bathroom door was slightly open and the light was off, but I still made out the figure. It was a little girl. She was about seven years old.

"H-hello? You okay?" I said.

The little girl just stood there by the bathroom door. I couldn't really make her out but I saw she was wearing a white sleeping gown and had her black hair behind her shoulders.

"Hello?" I tried again. No response.

I turned on the hallway light, and that was when she attacked me.

"It burrrrrrrns!" the little girl screamed in pain. She charged toward me in full speed. She was running barefoot and had her fists clutched. Within one blink of an eye she started changing. She instantly grew from about 4'0" to 6'6" as she came charging. The white gown disapeared and revealed a burnt, black body that looked animal like; horse-like. Her hair also vanished and was replaced with a lumpy black head with two huge ram horns on the forehead. Its feet were like giant black chicken feet with sharp nails. The eyes turned yellow.

Just as whatever it was approached me I fainted.

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