Saturday, August 25, 2018

Battling Weight With MyFitnessPal (My Second Fat Journey)

All of my life, mostly from around age 8 to 27 and 29 to now, I had problems with my weight.

The main cause, but not the only cause, is my thyroid; I have hypothyroidism--the type that makes you gain weight (obviously). But I take medication for that. The second cause that is gunning for that main cause is my anxiety and depression. How is that so? Well, I eat my feelings. Feeling nervous? Let's empty this nice big bag of Doritos, shall we? Feeling down about how crappy a person you are? How about you go for some ice cream and Snickers? These causes are harmful and need to be stopped.

There was a small break, though. With the help of an app called MyFitnessPal I was able to actually lose weight! Yes! Me! The guy who got treated like Vern from Stand By Me; the guy who -- let's just see some images of people I was called and told I looked like:

Yeah, a bear. Anyways, yes, MyFitnessPal was and is the answer. MyFitnessPal helped me do something that all diets failed to do: helpe lose weight. I lost weight by counting my calories! I was also walking every day, I cut out sweets and added sugar, and no alcohol. How much pounds did I lose? I lost 110 pounds. I instantly lost my diabetes (I'm still no longer diabetic) and I didn't need to take blood pressure meds anymore. 

My confidence also sore and I was able to buy band tees! I was so used to buying 3 and 4XL long tees that were plain, solid colors. And I was able to wear cool pants! No more ugly Rustler Walmart jeans that catered to my old body type. It was wonderful. And I know longer heard "Hey, big guy," "Do you fit?" and no more comparisons to fat people or bears, I was getting compared to this guy now:

But like every good story, there is an end. This one only lasted for about a year. I basically relapsed. My anxiety worsened, I was severely depressed, and I started to eat my feelings again. 

I gained 60 of those 110 pounds back. Very sad. So I am 50 pounds away from being that old person again. But no. I will not, absolutely not, let that happen.

So, I am going vegan, I am once again cutting out chocolates and candy out of my life, I am switching my diet sodas for sparkling water, I am adding exorcise, and I will be counting my calories on MyFitnessPal.

Guys have body issues too. Guys have issues with their weight. I don't care who makes fun of me about it. If you're out there reading this and you can relate, you are not alone. 

Well, my journey starts now. I will not let myself get worse, feel worse, and look worse. I battle anxiety and depression, so losing weight will be concurred once more.

Thanks for reading.

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