Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Jane Levy's Jackie Torrance Connection to The Shining

Castle Rock gets better and better with each episode. Episode 5 "Harvest" is, so far, the best episode.

Jane Levy's character has already revealed that her name is Jackie Torrance. Was this a hint or an Easter egg for Jack Torrance in The Shining? Probably a little more than that.

Jackie Torrance reveals that she had a cosuin, who was also a writer, that went crazy and tried to ax his wife and son at a "fancy ski resort." She took the name "Jackie Torrance" just to piss her parents off. And her real name is Diane.

So Diane aka Jackie Torrance is related to Stanley Kubrick's Jack Torrance because he was the ax-weilding psycho. Stephen King's Jack Torrance weilded a mallot.

I don't believe this connection will go any deeper or reveal anything new, but it is a cool Easter egg.

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