Monday, August 6, 2018

My Current Read: Epidemic of the Living Dead by John Russo

I am currently reading Epidemic of the Living Dead by John Russo, and I must say, I am enjoying it!

I'm always a little skeptical when reading a zombie story because there has been so much of them and a lot of them are lackluster, but John Russo diminished any doubt or skepticism that I inhabited beforehand. And I'm only 22% done. (I mean, he is the screen writer for the original Night of the Living Dead.)

The book comes out on August 28th. I'm reading a ARC copy provided by NetGalley.

Here's the details about Epidemic of the Living Dead:

"From the screenwriter of the original 1968  Night of the Living Dead comes a shocking new wave of zombie mayhem to devour your dreams—and feed your nightmares . . .

It starts with infected needles. It spreads like a plague. Soon the town of Chapel Grove, Pennsylvania, is overrun with cannibalistic corpses. Some are taken down with a bullet to the brain. Others, torched like kindling. But a few have survived—inside a maternity ward . . .

Detective Bill Curtis manages to rescue his pregnant wife Lauren from the ward in the nick of time. But the other pregnant women are not so lucky. Some of them have been bitten—and infected. Now it’s anyone’s guess what’s growing inside them . . .

But the nightmare isn’t over yet. The infected mothers’ newborns appear to be normal. But as the years go by, Bill and Lauren Curtis begin to worry about their beautiful, healthy daughter Jodie. Jodie is drawn to the town’s “special” children, the ones whose mothers were bitten. They’re reaching adolescence now. Their hormones are raging. And they’re starting to possess strange appetitites . . ."

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