Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Castle Rock - Episode 9: Henry Deaver (Spoilers)

What in the time-traveling, other-dimension, parallel-universe hell is going on?!

As if this show couldn't get any better, we get episode 9: "Henry Deaver" and, yes, it gets better.

In this episode, we see a whole different Henry Deaver (Bill Skarsgård) who is not any trace of The Kid. In this parallel universe, Henry Deaver is working on a cure for dementia on a cat, he has a wife whom he's trying to start a family with, and he gets a call back home alerting him about the suicide of his father. And, oh! His mom, Ruth Deaver (Sissy Spacek) is good and gone from Castle Rock because she is living happily ever after with retired Sheriff Alan Pangborn in Florida.

When Henry Deaver (Skarsgård) goes down into the basement to fix the electricity, he is surprised by the Henry Deaver of the other universe who disappeared years ago. It turns out Henry Deaver's dad had locked up the child because he had finally proven the existence of God, and felt that this child he found in the woods was the devil because he knew things that only his son (Skarsgård) would know.

Young Henry Deaver starts hearing noises as he is being questioned by alternate universe Henry and Molly when he keeps hearing the strange noise and has an urgency to go into the woods. The child Henry touches Molly's hand and she sees what happened in the universe that we have seen unfold in the earlier episodes. So she believes him, and they head off into the woods.

Dennis Zalewski is alive in this universe, and therefore, he was escorting Henry and Molly and child Henry to Molly's home to make sure that they didn't split town with the child. A train comes and Molly hits the gas before Dennis can cross the tracks. Once they're in the woods, child Henry steps into an alternate universe.

It gets really trippy here.

We see a woman, probably from the 1400s, scared and breathing heavily, holding a huge, bloody kitchen knife. Lots of birds are flying in the sky. Henry keeps telling Molly they have to hurry so they start running after the woman with the knife. When Dennis finally shows up, he tells Molly to stop running with the child Henry, but she's in this warped realm and can't hear, so he shoots her. When Henry (Skarsgård) catches up, Molly dies, and suddenly he is warped into the universe we saw at the beginning of the show. He sees the same women with the kitchen knife, and he also sees a young woman cutting her wrists, and two prisoners being led into the woods by police men with dogs.

Now it gets even trippier!

Suddenly, Molly's body is gone. And in a blink of an eye, snow covers the ground. Henry gets up and walks toward the direction the child Henry went. When Henry reaches the edge of a cliff, he sees a young Alan Pangborn calling the child Henry. This is when Pangborn found Henry Deaver!

So this explains why The Kid hasn't aged. He is simply lost in a parallel universe.

How will this all end?! There is one more episode left!

This show is extremely good and mind-blowing. If I missed anything, please comment below!

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