Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Eminem is Chased by a Shadow in New Video for "Fall" Off His New Album Kamikaze

Shady is back.

Without warning, Eminem has dropped a video for his controversial song "Fall" this morning. The video finds Eminem being phone-bombed with notification alerts regarding his last album Revival which was met with more bad reviews than good. The Rap God has even insulted his own body of work.

The video for "Fall" also finds Eminem being chased and hunted/haunted by a ghastly, shadowy figure. At the end, the figure possess Em, and I'm hoping we will get another Relapse-esque album where Eminem puts on his serial killer persona. If you see the time on Eminem's phone, it is 3 in the morning. Or, this could be the introduction to his song "Venom" for the Venom movie starting Tom Hardy.

And on this song, Eminem goes for Joe Budden, Tyler the Creator, Akademiks, and, well, everyone. You wanted Shady? You got 'em.

"Fall" is from Eminem's new album Kamikaze

Watch the video below!

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