Thursday, September 27, 2018

Info On My New Book: The Halloween Special

This Halloween (obviously my favorite season and holiday) I plan to release a series of short horror stories that I'm calling: The Halloween Special.

Leading up to the paperback release of the book, I will be releasing one short story a day as an eBook. Once all of the stories are released, I will release the paperback for sale.

Here is a quick synopsis of my horror anthology The Halloween Special:

It is Halloween in the dreaded town of Devil's Hill, Arizona. Residents of Devil's Hill know about the strange and supernatural phenomena that occurs in the town, but this Halloween it is much worse.

Three young witches summon an ancient and evil deity inside of a scarecrow in order to reap the delicious delights the deity will offer in exchange for souls. But in the process, the deity completely diminishes the veil between the dead and the living and...Hell. 

The Halloween Special contains individual short horror stories with their own monsters, killers, ghosts, and deities, but they are all tied in together for an epic show down at the end. 

Will you survive this Halloween Special?

The Halloween Special by E. Reyes will be available this October on eBook and paperback. Single stories from the book will be available first (eBooks).

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