Friday, September 14, 2018

The House by the Cemetery by John Everson is a Gory, Witchy, Fun Horror Read

Book: The House by the Cemetery
Author: John Everson
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Release Date: October 6th, 2018

John Everson's new book The House by the Cemetery is a horror fan's cup of gore. Not only is this book a great read for Halloween that actually centers around Halloween, but it is also is a melting cauldron of genres like slasher, paranormal, fantasy, and drama. It is the ultimate horror book for enthusiastic fans of the genre like myself.

The House by the Cemetery is about a man named Mike who accepts a job of rehabilitating an abandoned house (by a cemetery) that is believed to be haunted by the ghost of a witch, for a haunted house attraction. Soon weird things start happening, like dead animals, fresh blood, and phantom noises, and Mike finds out that the rumors may be true, and things get worse!

John Everson

I really enjoyed this story. John Everson served a well-written and intriguing story about a witch who will do anything for the sacrifices she needs. The haunted house attraction is awesome and vivid in my mind, and it is one I wish I could attend. John Everson is clearly a horror fan of great horror classics.

If you're easily squeamish, head into this book with caution. But if you're all about the gore, you have hit a jackpot full of grittines and slasher awesomeness.

The only slight problem I had with this story was that I wanted specific characters to have more time in the book. I felt that Mike should have been a secondary or even a third main character. I felt that Jillie and Ted and Jeanie should have been the most dominant in the book. When you read this book you'll love them. Trust me.

The House by the Cemetery by John Everson is a must have for lovers of Halloween, witches, horror movies, and great creepy reads! Get yourself a copy on October 6th!

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