Monday, September 10, 2018

The Nun is Back to Possess You! (Movie Review)

The Nun (2018)
Directed by Corin Hardy
Written by Gary Dauberman
Starring Taissa Farmiga, Demián Bechir Nájera, Jonas Bloquet, and Bonnie Aarons.

The Nun is a spin-off of 2016's The Conjuring 2, and serves as the fifth installment of the Conjuring Universe (my kind of Universe--sorry, Marvel). The movie follows Father Burke (Demián Bechir Nájera) and Catholic novitiate Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) as they uncover a secret after the suicide of a nun at a monestary in Romania in 1952.

Taissa Farmiga and Demián Bechir give outstanding performances. Actually, everybody does, to be honest. The acting is well-done. The atmosphere of the movie is very gothic, chilling, cold, and unsettling. The evil-church sounding music that plays whenever Valak/The Nun shows up is so creepy. This movie has a lot of twists and turns, creepiness, and parts that are scary and chilling. And "Frenchie" was a very good comic relief anf character.

Critics and fans have complained about jump scares but I see nothing wrong with jump scares. Afterall, this is a horror movie; it's quite common. I didn't have a problem with jump scares but that was actually the only thing that really scared me. There was another part involving a zombie-like nun that creeped me the hell out, but otherwise, that was pretty much it.

The movie is good; it has a great story, acting, music, and atmosphere, but it fails to actually scare. I was expecting to be scared because The Conjuring and Annabelle movies are scary as hell, but The Nun failed to do so. Nevertheless, watch it! It's a great horror movie.

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