Sunday, October 28, 2018

2 Movies You Must Watch On Halloween

To ensure a wonderful and horror film filled Halloween, there are two movies you just have to watch. If your busy with the kids--trick-or-treating, or getting your monster mash on, you probably can't have an awesome marathon.

No worries!

These are the two films you need to fit in your Halloween day/night:

Trick r Treat

Trick r Treat is probably the best Halloween movie ever. I mean, yes, Michael Myers is Halloween, but Trick r Treat is all about the holiday, the lore, traditions, gore, and everything spooky and fun about Halloween. And Sam is the cutest little killer ever.

Halloween (1978)

The immortal classic. Yes. John Carpenter's Halloween. Halloween is the equivalent of A Christmas Story on Christmas; you have to watch Halloween. 

Which movies will you be watching? These ones? Comment below!

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