Saturday, October 27, 2018

About the Creepy Stories from 'The Halloween Special' Anthology

I recently released my second book, and second horror anthology: The Halloween Special. Although each of the 10 stories are different, they all stem from an ancient deity who was summoned in the early hours of Halloween.
And as of now, the paperback and eBook are BOTH on sale. And if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for FREE!
Here are the stories:
The Scarecrow – Three young witches summon an ancient and evil deity in the early hours of Halloween. The deity, entombed in a scarecrow, completely destroys the veil between the dead and the living, and all hell breaks loose, causing a domino effect of things to come.
Clowns – When two bullies give chase to victims of their cruelty, they get lost in the woods and stumble upon a carnival behind the fog. The clowns inhabiting the carnival seem to be normal…at first.
Mister Razor – When a girl becomes the victim of harsh bullying and a picture leak at her school, she decides to take her own life. But while she sits in a bath tub to bring on death, she gets a visit by a strange figure wrapped in bloody gauze that gives her grave choices to make.
First Day on the Job – Jack Forest starts his first day as a kind of brander. He stamps the souls of wife beaters and rapists for admittance into Hell. While things go rough for the perpetrators, and smooth for Jack, he ends up at a job that may push his limits and jeopardize his work policy.
Weeping Woman – When a teenage boy is forced to watch and take his sister trick-or-treating, they get an unsuspecting visit from a legend of Mexican Folklore: La Llorona, The Weeping Woman.
House of Souls – Three friends and music artists rent an infamous murder house to record their new avant-garde/horror album. Things go okay until the house starts revealing more than what is initially known about the home. And a strange woman in the woods has her eyes on the home.
A New Cult – A Charles-Manson-like man is randomly walking a neighborhood on Halloween night with a nagging urge for a cigarette. When he smells cigarette smoke venting from an open window from the backyard, he decides to hop in. After putting the fear into the home’s inhabitants, he may or may have not started a new following that involved murder.
The Dead Kid – The ghost of a kid wearing a hooded cape and an alien mask haunts the streets after being killed one Halloween night in the 90s.
The Monster Slash – A crazy adult couple with teaching jobs and kids of their own, decide to go on a killing spree on Halloween night. Who are they targeting? Their students, of course.
Halloween Ritual – Halloween night comes to a full circle in this last story of The Halloween Special.

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