Sunday, October 28, 2018

Michael Myers 'Halloween' Films Ranked

Now that the new Halloween has been released, I decided to make a ranking of the best Halloween films. Now remember, this is my top list, not yours. Projecting your anger at me will get you my sarcasm and laughs.

*Halloween III: Season of the Witch is NOT included bevause it isn't a Michael Myers film. Duh.

10. Halloween Ressurection

Damn right. This one is last. We find a psychotic Laurie who's living in an insane asylum, she creepily kisses her brother, Michael Myers, and dies. Then we get a plot of the times as Busta Buss and Tyra Banks set up a webcam reality show in the old Myers home. Horrible mask, horrible acting, horrible money grab.

9. Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

As the new plotline thickens, we see more of the cult Michael Myers belongs to. This movie is okay, but the cult thing is And the mask? A little more creepier, but still looks like crap.

8. Halloween H20

20 years later since the original...time for a money grab. Laurie Strode has changed her name, had a son, failed marriages, she's a teacher, and she's running away from her past. The Michael Myers mask gets a few changes--one very notable snd ugly--and the mask sucks, again. However, I enjoyed the ending.

7. Halloween 5

Good. But not better than the 4th. Mask is better than the 4th.

6. Halloween 4

Better than the 5th. Daniel Harris is a brilliant and believable actor. Loomis is back. The mask sucks

5. Halloween II (1981)

Good sequel. The mask is great. Laurie and Michael should have never been related. It got stale taking place almost entirely in a hospital. It's Halloween! Go outside!

4. Halloween 2 (2009)

This movie was Rob Zombie's own version of Michael Myers and his own version of the sequel. This wasn't a remake, so he had more creative avenues. I know a lot of people dislike Laurie in this one, and hate the mother visions and the white horse, but this was a great sequel. And Michael Myers is even more brutal than Zombie's first. Amd Malcom McDowell and Brad Dourif are great.

3. Halloween (2018)

Having the same title as the movie it follows, Halloween wipes the slate clean after the 1978 movie and brings back Laurie Strode. Michael Myers has a great mask and he's much more brutal, but something is just...missing from this movie. It was good, I mean, Michael rocked, the music and the opening titles were awesome, and the kills were cool, but I didn't like the ending or Michael's stupid doctor.

2. Halloween (2007)

I'm going to catch hate for this! But yes, I love this version of Halloween. I liked everything about it. And the mask is awesome! And Michael Myers is scary again! Plus he's tall as hell and extremely brutal. And Malcom McDowell is a phenomenal Dr. Loomis.

1. Halloween (1978)

Number one because this is the best.

So, how does YOUR top Halloween films rank? Comment them below!

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