Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rob Zombie Made Halloween Scary Again

With the new Halloween coming out, and people talking all things Halloween and Michael Myers, I keep seeing a pattern here. For whatever reason, Rob Zombie's Halloween films are treated badly as if they're Halloween: Ressurection. People are upset and crying and saying "The only reason they're making a new Halloween is because Rob Zombie messed it all up" and blah, blah, blah.

Totally not true. If anything Rob Zombie brought Halloween back on the map, back on track, back to interest, he made it hit big at the box office, and he made Michael Myers scary again.

After the first two films and a third one that was to start an anthology but failed without a Michael Myers, Michael Myers wasn't that scary anymore, especially in 4 and 5. The masks got ugly, he was less intimidating, and the origin became lost in this cult thing that did not need to be.

Michael was okay in part 6, sucked in H20, and sucked more in Ressurection. The cult thing was tossed but not that ugly ass mask. And once again, Michael Myers just wasn't intimidating.

Then here comes Rob Zombie's Halloween.

As I partake in my annual Halloween watch every October, I started watching Rob Zombie's Halloween. And as I am watching it, the scenes with Michael Myers, Michael is extremely scary and intimidating. Suddenly, I'm in his victim's shoes, and holy crap is it scary. He is definitely a force, an unstoppable force.

And the mask! The mask was great again!

What I think people didn't like about it was the vulgarity and brutality. I also heard it being called the hick version of Halloween. Well, whatever you want to call it, Rob Zombie's Halloween is scary, brutal, evil, and made lots of cash at the box office. So if anything, Rob Zombie made studios feel okay with wanting to bring back the franchise.

And personally, I rank Zombie's Halloween films top 5.

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