Wednesday, November 28, 2018

An Excerpt from My WIP: The Ballad of Jack Forest

Here is a WIP of mine from a superhero/anti-superhero series that I'm working on. Enjoy!

Excerpt from The Ballad of Jack Forest

By E. Reyes

Sam was already fixing to leave when he saw the dog; a German Shepherd sitting on the driver seat of an old pickup truck. The once-red paint was now turning a rustic pink. It had took a great deal of pounding from the Arizona sun over the years. The window was down halfway, letting in a little bit of cool night air for the poor dog.

Sam turned his head and winced from the pain; must’ve been from the damn pool stick some stranger whacked his neck with. He stared off to the north side, watching as electric veins lit up in the clouds. The storm would be on his side of town in about half an hour; 45 minutes tops. The monsoon would provide a much better atmosphere for the dog. The air was humid. It was like putting your face over a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup. Sam's white shirt was clinging to his body like a second skin. He was splashed with alcohol, ketchup from a flying cheeseburger, and a whole mess of blood. The gore extended all the way to his knees. He will need a new outfit for sure.

The dog started to whine, making Sam wake up from his daze and realized that he had to hurry up and go before the cops or more goons showed up.
He was standing outside of a bar called The Devil’s Hangout. There was about twenty-five to thirty people in the bar when he had first walked in about thirteen minutes ago. He was now the only one alive.

The German Shepard cried again and Sam looked at the dog. It had a sad and knowing look to its watery eyes, it was as if it was saying, “My master is dead. Now what? Sure, he was an asshole, but now he’s dead. You killed my human. What now?”

As much as Sam wanted to, he couldn’t take the dog. Sam couldn’t let anyone or anything get in his way of finding the man he was looking for. The men inside The Devil’s Hangout tried to stop him from his search, so he eliminated the obstacles. They were trying to stop him because a meeting with Jack Forest would only bring more death. But that didn’t matter in the end, Sam brought them their death quicker.

Sam sighed and looked at the dog. “Sorry, Shep. This is a one-man show. But hold on, buddy.”

Sam ran inside the-bar-turned-slaughterhouse and came out with a bowl of peanuts and a half-eaten classic cheeseburger topped on it like a cherry. Sam gave the offerings to the dog and pet its head. “Be good, boy. Become a cop or something. The boys in blue should be hear any minute. You’ll be living better than me. You can bet your ass.” The dog started to scarf up the cheeseburger as Sam walked away from the bar.

Fortunately, the bar was located at the very edge of the Rose Neighborhood. All Sam had to do was avert the main crossroads and find an alley. And hopefully, he would find clothes still hanging from a clothesline.

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