Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dark Crimes (Movie Review)

Dark Crimes (2016)
⭐⭐⭐.5 of 5

Directed by Alexandros Avranas
Starring Jim Carrey, Marton Csokas,
and Charlotte Gainsbourg

The second I heard that Jim Carrey was starring in a movie -- a dark crime movie, I had to watch it. I was intrigued to see how Jim Carrey would act in thus film called Dark Crimes. Jim Carrey did not disappoint, but the movie was rather sluggish and could have had more to it to make it better.

Dark Crimes is about a Polish detective, Tadek (Jim Carrey), who after he gets demoted to the records room for an investigation, wants to take on an unsolved murder case to get his old job back -- and his status.

Now personally, I could care less for nudity and sex scenes in movies (they have movies called porn for that), so right away I was turned off by what was ahead because the opening scene shows nudity, sex, and some weird BDSM/Hostel stuff going. I'm not acting like a grandmother, I just don't fancy that kind of stuff. But the BDSM sex club does play a role in the events ahead.

I expected this film to have some action, dark crimes -- plural, and more craziness involving this author named Kozlov (Marton Csokas) and his novel. The movie seems to be a slow burn the whole way. It's as if it is building up for something grande and exciting, but gives you only tiny gasps of what? and crazy. I was expecting so much more.

The acting is strong, the cinematography is beautiful and sets the mood, and the story is okay -- just not great. Jim Carrey gave an excellent performance. If you had never seen any Jim Carrey movie, you would never guess he was a comedian. Carrey owns the role and never breaks his actor. A lot of people complained about Carrey's acting -- and even his Polish accent, but I found nothing to dislike.

Marton Csokas is great. He also owns his role. I'd like to see him play a villain for Marvel or DC. Like I said, the acting is strong, the move is just forgettable.

Check out Dark Crimes for yourself! Please leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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