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Great News: King Thinks the New Pet Sematary is F-----g Great!

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We know what the critics were saying about the new adaption of Stephen King's terrifying novel Pet Sematary (directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis and Dennis Widmyer, but admittedly, we were all waiting for the master of horror himself to speak.

Sitting with EW's Anthony Breznican for an interview, Stephen King talked about all things Pet Sematary; from how the book was published, what inspired him to write it, why he wrote the screenplay for the 1989 film and his thoughts on the new adaption. (If you haven't read it, I urge you to do so!)

Speaking on the new adaption of Pet Sematary, King said:

"It’s f—ing great! It’s a really good movie. It’s a grown-up, adult kind of movie. It’s not like 12 semi-clad teens get killed in a summer camp. In this particular time frame, you know, there’ve been several movies that have been successful. Horror movies like Jordan Peele’s Get Out last year. And then I think when Us opens, I think it’s gonna be big. I think it’s gonna be huge."

(NOTE: if you don't want to have the plot twist spoiled, stop reading!)

King on the new plot twist of the film:

It’s something different. They did a good job. Boy, I saw all the stuff that came online when people realized that it was Ellie rather than Gage that got run over in the road, and I’m thinking like, “Man, these people…” It’s so nuts. You can take Route 301 and go to Tampa, or you could take Route 17 and go to Tampa. But both times, you’re gonna come out at Tampa! [Laughs] You know what I’m saying? It didn’t change anything for me. I thought, “Okay, I understand why they did it, because it’s maybe easier to work with a zombie when she’s a little girl, [rather] than a toddler.”
Stephen King is right! Whether they kept it as Gage getting killed or Ellie getting killed, it is all the same story. It is still Pet Sematary. I don't think this small change has a negativity impact on the film at all. I'm all for it because even though I love King's novel, I think it's brilliant that they made Ellie be the resurrected child because she was the one asking all the questions about death, and Louis was answering them. I cannot wait to see how it all plays out on the big screen.

Pet Sematary opens April 5th, 2019! Get your tickets now!

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