Wednesday, April 3, 2019

My Weird Post-Apocalyptic Dream by E. Reyes

After watching some episodes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood with my fiancee, it was time for bed. I wanted to watch more episodes, but my eyelids were like, nope--not having it. I went to sleep and had what sincerely felt like a 6-hour post-apocalyptic zombie dream.

Some people believe that when we dream we are channeling our other self or some parallel version of ourselves from some parallel universe. If this is the case, then some other version of E. Reyes is having a really messed up time at the moment.

The dream started off in some kind of building that seemed to be used as a shelter (for the homeless, most likely). There were bedrooms, beds, running water, and electricity. And the whole time I was walking around this place, scoping it out, I kept on thinking: when will the water stop flowing out of the faucets and the shower heads? When will the electricity give up on us? I felt this impending doom right off the bat. I just kept walking around, going through the tight hallways with bright white walls, stepping on the brown tile on the floor, and checking in on everybody in the rooms.

The people staying in the rooms were cousins and friends of mine. They were all getting prepared for something. They were placing clothing, toiletries, and other weapon-type items in duffel bags and suitcases. Nobody seemed to mind me.

When I walked outside, I started to step cautiously. The night sky was pitch black. The building me and my people were staying in was guarded by a tall barbwire fence and another fence in front of the chainlink one that was made of steel rods. When one of my cousins came out for a smoke, greeting me first, we noticed three zombies walking aimlessly in the street; right behind our fence.

I ducked down quickly, hiding behind a small cement wall and peeked. The zombies were ragged, dressed like hobos, bloody, and shambling with their heads down. Two were walking left, one was going right. I heard noise from the top of our one-story building so I looked up and saw another cousin of mine with his sniper rifle, waiting to shoot if our building was threatened. When the zombies finally passed by, something crazier happened.

When my cousin on the floor and I stood up, something flew in from the sky, landing right next to the cousin with the sniper. It was a guy. It was a zombie slash vampire. He looked like an 80's punk rocker--kind of resembled Billy Idol. The weirder part? He had claws on his fist like Wolverine. He was about to bite my cousin but he shot him. Right before the Wolverine/zombie/vampire died, he stabbed my cousin in the arm, turning him into...i don't know--probably whatever he was. But we didn't get to see what happened next because my cousin grabbed the sniper rifle and blew his own brains out.

The morning came, and a friend came to the building. He was excited to tell me and my cousin that he had stumbled upon a tape recorder, a microphone, and some beats. Yes, it was a full-on zombie apocalypse, but we were about to drop the hottest mixtape ever. And during this whole conversation, I was feeling bittersweet. I was happy that he found this stuff, but I kept thinking: when is the electricity going to run out?

I took a shower, hoping the water wouldn't stop, and then my people in the building packed all of our stuff in a station wagon and left the building. There were zombies all over the street. My dream ended, and I woke up like huh?

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