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Tethered by Bryce Gibson (Book Review)

Tethered: County Line Horror #4Tethered: County Line Horror #4 by Bryce Gibson
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"People say tethered dogs can change--they become mean over time--and I wonder if the same thing happened to us."

Tethered by Bryce Gibson is the fourth book in the County Line Horror series which is like the YA novels R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike used to put out under the Point Horror series. But what I enjoy about the County Line Horror series is that it is set in the country and the characters are real.

Tethered is about a nineteen-year-old guy named Aiken Pine who returns home because his sister has stabbed the head cheerleader at her school. Some people say that bullying was the underlying cause, so Aiken begins to dig into the mystery surrounding the incident. And as he does so, there are a lot more secrets and dangerous things lurking in the woods. Dogs become dangerous when they become tethered for so long. Aiken left, but there are a few people he knows that have stayed back home, becoming tethered in their own way.

The book is well-written and definitely has a nice country twang in the dialogue and the sceneries. The characters are very believable and, I imagine, can be relatable to a lot of other people who pick up this book.

I'm not going to lie. My first reaction of this book--judging by the cover--was that it was a southern version of Cujo, but that isn't the case. Sure, there are three big crazy, snarling dogs that show up unexpectedly, but there is much more to it than that.

The story isn't that long, but that wasn't the reason why I read it in in as little as two days. I read it that quick because Bryce knows how to keep you hooked, keep you guessing, and keep you wanting to know why and what is going on.

I definitely recommend this book to any fan of YA Horror.

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