Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Unfriended: Dark Web (Movie Review)

Unfriended: Dark Web
Directed by Stephen Susco
Starring Colin Woodell, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Betty Gabriel, Andrew Lees, Connor del Rio, Stephan Nogueras, Savira Windyani
Produced by Timur Bekmambetov and Jason Blum

Unfriended: Dark Web is a perfect example of a movie that should have not been rated PG-13 to get teens running to the theater without adult supervision. Wait--it's Rated R? Yes. The movie is Rated R. After watching the movie it certainly does not seem like it. To me, it looked very PG-13 considering they didn't show a lot of gore, kills, or anything like that. I don't believe it's because I'm desensitized to horror violence, I think it is because the director did not utilize that R rating to its full potential. If you're going to get the R stamp you might as well go balls to the wall. And if you're going to make a movie about the Dark Web it should certainly be very dark.

Unfriended: Dark Web is about a guy named Matias (Colin Woodell) who finds a laptop, takes it home, and finds out that there is some really suspicious software on it as he and his buddies are having a game night over Skype. Soon, the owner of the laptop finds out the laptop is stolen and begins to promise death to Matias and his friends if he doesn't get it back, resulting in a very unhappy time of game night and a deep dive into the belly of the dark web,

Honestly, the movie was good. I enjoyed the plot and thought it was brilliant. One of the problems I had with this film was that the deaths were so lackluster and candy-coated to be from a rated R film. I really thought that this movie was rated PG-13. Each time they would show a kill about to happen the scene would cut away like, "Nope! Can't show you that! Children present!" There were also some videos that Matia clicks on that were commissioned from big spenders from the dark web that could have been so much creepier and gory. You hear about all these Creepypastas and stories about the dark web and you expect some crazy stuff to be shown, but I was really disappointed.

If you look past the unsatisfying kills and feels of the movie being not-rated-R, it is really an enjoyable horror flick. You should definitely give it a watch!


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