Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why You Should Read My Horror Halloween Book

If you like a collection of stories that may have the ingredients to make you terrified, creeped out, wonder, or laugh at some dark humor, then you should read my debut book: Devil's Hill: An Anthology.

Not so convincing, right? I didn't think so. I always think: How do I get people to read some self-published author who may just be another snapping and wriggling crab in the bucket? How do I reel potential readers in for stories written by a vivid and constant reader such as myself? A van and some candy--or in this case, books, are a little suspicious and outright creepy, so I'll just lure you all in with a blog post.

Why should you read my book?

Well, first of all, I didn't decide to write stories and books in hopes of a multi-million dollar life, a billion dollar movie or television deal, or anything like that. I mean, sure, that would be incredible and life-changing, but I'm not in this game of literature just to make a profit. In fact, this isn't a game, this is my life. Besides my beautiful and loving family, writing and reading are my life and I want to do both for the rest of my life. So when you read one of my stories or books, you're not getting some nonchalant, spelling-error-filled, cliche body of literature. I'm bringing you my nightmares, my imagination, and my fears. And these stories are told as vividly and creepy as I can possibly write.

And if you're a fan of horror movies and/or books, then I believe you will definitely like my stories. I write my horrors with you all in mind; the horror community. The horror community that I see every day on social media. My stories are by a horror fan, for a horror fan. Horror is often misrepresented and treated like an abomination that lives in the attic, but for me, I let it run wild in the living room with the curtains drawn for all to see. I am proud to create horror.

Last, if you're a fan of Halloween--it's your favorite holiday, then this one is definitely for you. Halloween is every day for me. I love pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, monsters, autumn, witches, you know, the whole deal. I just love the Halloween season. And this book, Devil's Hill, is all about crazy and scary things that happen on Halloween.

So if you give me a chance, and you read my book on ebook or paperback, please let me know what you think. If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it for FREE.

Here is the synopsis:

R.L. Stine has Fear Street, Stephen King has Castle Rock, E. Reyes has Devil’s Hill.From the mind of author E. Reyes comes his debut horror anthology full of 18 terrifying Halloween stories that will keep you thinking long after the tales have been read.
Welcome to Devil’s Hill, Arizona; it is a place that runs rampant with the occult, the paranormal, the supernatural, the macabre, killers, and everything that makes you think there’s something behind you or in the closet. Devil’s Hill is definitely not like every other city; other cities should be thankful. And now, during Halloween, things are worse than before.
It's the darker half of the year. Cold weather begins and dead leaves are around us. Short days and long nights provide the perfect setting for ghost stories. And on every Halloween, the veil between the dead and the living is at its thinnest. But this year, the veil is completely gone, allowing spirits, deities, the unexplained, and true evil to roam the town of Devil's Hill, Arizona freely.After a group of teenage witches summon an ancient deity into a scarecrow, all hell breaks loose and the veil between the dead and the living is broken. Each of the 18 stories in Devil's Hill is different and unique, but they all connect to the underlying cause of what the witches have summoned. Halloween in Devil's Hill is about to be the scariest one ever.

So if it all sounds groovy, check out my book below. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and hear me out. And remember, sharing is caring!

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