Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Why I'm Not Watching It Chapter Two

With the new It: Chapter Two trailer out tomorrow, I think I chose a great time to write this.

I will not be watching It: Chapter Two solely for one reason: I didn't get any kind of recognition for basically casting James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak.

Like most King and horror fans in general, I was anticipating and so excited for the new adaption of King's ginormous book It. I went to the theater to watch it the day it was released. So, as I'm sitting there, I can't help but notice how much Eddie Kaspbrak (Jack Dylan Grazer) looks like Deputy So and So (James Ransone) from my favorite movie Sinister. Upon noticing this, and seeing people fan-casting the adults for the next movie, I put this image up that I put together:

Right after I put this up, and the post gained major traction, Andy Muschietti, the director of It, direct messaged me on Instagram and says "I've been thinking about PJ. Great thinking."

Of course, I was starstruck and really excited about him even acknowledging my post, so I was really excited. I was thinking, "Sweet! James Ransone is a possibility!"

So months go by, one by one the adult "Losers" are being cast, and then, who do we see? James Ransone (PJ) cast as adult Eddie Kaspbrak. I am excited and gleeful. I message Andy Muschietti and he only sees the message; totally ignoring me. I was like, okay, whatever, he's busy and all that. But then seeing people write on social media "Whoever is the casting director did such a great job!" "Hey, Andy! Nice casting for Eddie Kaspbrak!" "James Ransone looks just like Jack Dylan Grazer!" and the whole time I'm like, pssh, yeah, I was the one who f*****g suggested him!

So as the weeks go by I try to be positive and optimistic. I tell myself, you know what? I love Stephen King, I love It, I love Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, I'm not going to be upset. At least my fan-casting came true. I can't wait to watch this.

But as the days go by and I see more promo for It Chapter Two and everyone talking about it, I feel weird about the whole thing. It has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth about the whole movie. A really bad taste.

I'm not asking for money or a f*****g trip to the premier to walk the red carpet, all I would have wanted was some kind of recognition, privately or even a shout out on social media. But I got sh*t--zero.

I have learned my listen (about suggesting ideas and casting on social media) and this is why I won't be watching or reviewing It: Chapter Two.

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