Tuesday, July 16, 2019

'31' Movie Review

31 (2016)
🎃🎃🎃 out of 5
Directed by Rob Zombie
Starring Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Larence Hilton-Jacobs, Meg Foster, Kevin Jackson, Richard Brake, and Malcolm McDowell.

I have finally watched Rob Zombie's 31, and I must say, it's not my favorite Zombie film, but it's also not as bad as a lot of people were saying it is.

31 follows a group of carnival workers who are kidnapped on Halloween night, taken to an abandoned factory, and are forced to participate in a 12-hour game of survival called 31.

I was expecting the movie to be extremely gory, full of maniacal serial killers in Rob Zombie fashion, lots of Halloween decorations and at least a pumpkin or two, but instead, we got six killers--one is a dwarf with a Hitler/Nazi fetish, little to no Halloween decor (isn't it Halloween?), nothing really over the top, and...I don't know, I just wasn't so into it.

The best parts of the movie--besides the weird sex scene--is Richard Brake as Doom-Head. Brake plays a maniac extremely well. I actually want to see him in a Batman movie as the Joker. And he was definitely the stand-out of the whole film.

In short, 31 is fun. It's not the best, but it's not the worst. If you haven't watched it yet, give it a watch!

Keep it creepy!
E. Reyes

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