Friday, July 26, 2019

Cinematic Gold is Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Review)

Before we get into this review, I have been noticing a handful of sites--waving those headlines in our faces as clickbait--reaching so far to try and tarnish Quentin Tarantino and act as if Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is a so-so movie that's nothing more than white noise and boring images. Boy are those writers full of it. They are reaching so far. Far up their own *sses. And many of them are still bringing up the time when Tarantino rejected someone's hypothesis. Which, by the way, her hypothesis was indeed full of it because I thought Margot Robbie was wonderful as Sharon Tate. People are seriously reaching and it is really sad. Let me just say:

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is cinematic gold.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood follows aging actor Rick Dalton and his friend/stunt double Cliff Booth as they continue to work and hope for bigger jobs in Hollywood in the late '60s. The alternate timeline features Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski, Jay Sebring, and the infamous Manson family.

First of all, Tarantino gets the praise he gets (and deserves) because he does things that are fresh. He has been doing this since Reservoir Dogs. There are many moments in the film that have sudden flashbacks, looks into the movies they are filming within the movie and voice-overs. And like always, the music is on point. Tarantino knows film, dialogue, and music. He is a genius.

Let's get to Margot Robbie. Margot Robbie was very enjoyable, loveable, and a delight to see as Sharon Tate. After I watched the movie, I thought to myself, why were people reaching so goddamn far with what that reporter said about Margot not having many speaking lines? Should I have cried that Clifton Collins Jr. and Dakota Fanning didn't show up on screen or talked again? No. Quentin showed us a side of Sharon Tate that we never thought about it or have seen. We are only subject to her horrible murder at the hand of the Manson Family and her marriage to Polansky. Maybe more people will check out the few movies she made now. I certainly will.

Brad Pitt is amazing as Cliff Booth. He fit the laid-back, cool-guy part so well that you just see him as he is in the film. You become as invested with his character as you do with Leonardo DiCaprio's character. He was very funny and also very loveable and enjoyable to see. He is a friend you definitely want. 

Leonardo DiCaprio displays some of his greatest acting moments as Rick Dalton. We see him as this very self-conscious, unsure, and sensitive man that is struggling for bigger fame in Hollywood.

Charles Manson fanatics are going to be a bit upset because this film does not follow the true events of the Manson murders or any of it, actually. Just a few names, locations (the Spahn Ranch looks like the actual location), and some of what happened. And we see Manson for only one scene. Sorry, weirdos.

No spoilers here but the ending is gory, incredible, darkly humorous, and very surprising. The theater was going absolutely nuts with reactions.

Honorable mentions in the film: Emile Hirsch, Michael Madsen, Luke Perry, Maya Hawke, Danielle Harris, Harley Quinn Smith, Julia Butters, Mike Moh, Brandy the Pitbull

Do yourself a huge favor and go and watch Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. You will not regret it, partner.

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