Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Ellie and Jud Scene is Much More Creepier in Extended/Alternate Scene

Now, this is a scene that should have definitely stayed in the original cut. I had no problem with Ellie taking the form of Norma--it was really good, but in this extended/alternate scene, Ellie does what the resurrected Gage does in Stephen King's book.

After Ellie (Jete Laurence) cuts Jud's (John Lithgow) Achille's tendon with Louis's scalpel, he falls to the ground from the stairs and the torment starts. Instead of taking the form of Norma, Ellie's eyes roll back in her head and her mouth opens crookedly. We hear the voice of Norma as she taunts and hurts Jud by saying she "did it with all his friends" and they all laughed at him. The book has a more explicit version of it.

This scene is just so much creepier than the theatrical cut. This scene gave me goosebumps! I wasn't expecting it all.

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