Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Hoping For A Director's Cut of Pet Sematary and Here Is Why

I have no problem with the new Pet Sematary adaption, I'm one of the fans who loved the film, but it is obvious that maybe someone at Paramount was afraid to included extended and alternate scenes in the movie. 

For instance, the ending of the theatrical release is much more...I wouldn't say campy or goofy, but it's a little dark-humorous. The whole family is zombies--minus Gage, but the ending implies that the family is about to kill the poor kid in order to resurrect him beyond the Pet Sematary. 

In the alternate ending, the scene is quiet, dark, the music is creepy and slow, and we see a Louis Creed who is obviously haunted and destroyed by what he has done. You can see the loss of hope, the dread, and the remorse on his face. And having Rachel come in and say "Darling" to her husband is much creepier than her sending a rod through his chest from the back. 

Another pivotal scene that was left out was the scene where Jud Crandall talks about his late wife, Norma. In the trailer, we see an undead Norma, cocking back a knife, ready to strike. We didn't even get to see her that way in the extended scene. Instead, we see her slash away at Jud's wrist.

The scene between Ellie and Jud is also scarier in the extended/alternate scene. Instead of Ellie transforming into Norma, her eyes roll back into her skull, her mouth opens, and the voice of Norma taunting her husband is heard. This all happens while Ellie is just standing there looking scary as hell.

There also some deleted scenes called Night Terrors that features the Creed family--minus Gage, having nightmares. This could have been left in the movie. I didn't see anything wrong with it.

In actuality, all of the deleted scenes could have stayed in the movie. There's a scene where we get to see more of the father-and-son-like relationship between Louis and Jud as they have some beers on the porch and talk. I just didn't see a reason for any of these scenes to be deleted.

Well, I hope there ends up being a Director's Cut of the film because it would have been cool to keep the deleted/extended/alternate scenes in the movie, and especially, the alternate ending. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the theatrical version.

Pet Sematary is now available on DVD/Blu-ray/4K and Digital HD.

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