Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Alternate Ending of Pet Sematary is Better

The theatrical ending of Pet Sematary isn't bad, but the alternate ending is so much better.

The theatrical ending features Louis Creed (Jason Clarke) about to behead his undead daughter Ellie (Jete Laurence) with a shovel when a resurrected Rachel (Amy Seimetz) punctures Louis's back with a rod. It's morning. Blue Dawn is dominant. Jud's house is ablaze. And we see Rachel, Ellie, Louis holding a can of gasoline, and Church the cat approaching the vehicle. Louis goes to the window, implying that Gage ends up being murdered and most likely sent to be resurrected beyond the Pet Sematary to be a very happy zombie family. The movie ends, it's a f*cked up ending, leaves us feeling sad for Gage, but it feels a little like a horror-comedy.

The alternate version is quiet, dark, and creepy as hell.

Right before Louis is about to put the shovel to Ellie's neck, she transforms into the little girl she was pre-semi attachment accident and convinces Louis that they can all be a family again. Louis agrees, and they take Rachel to be buried in the burial ground. It cuts to blue dawn, and we can see Rachel walking in the road, headed to the Creed house. Gage is in the car, and this time, everyone except for Rachel comes to get Gage. The camera pans in on a photo of the Creed family happy and alive together, setting up a creepy shot for the ending. Louis is at the kitchen table with Gage on his lap, who is crying. Rachel comes through the door, missing a shoe, and clumsily approaches Louis from behind--like the family photo. Rachel puts her hand on Louis's shoulder and says "Darling" like she does in King's book. Ellie comes to their side, so does Church, and the camera pans out, reenacting a new family photo of the one we had seen earlier. 

This ending creeped me out and it is so bleak, sad, and tragic.

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