Monday, July 15, 2019

The Haunted by Ed & Lorraine Warren, Robert Curran, and Jack and Janet Smurl (Book Review)

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The Haunted: One Family's Nightmare
By Ed & Lorraine Warren and Robert Curran with Jack & Janet Smurl

I'm a huge fan of Ed & Lorraine Warren and I'm always super intrigued and interested in almost anything and everything paranormal and occult. So I was really excited to read The Haunted, but I was left not disappointed just...bleh. 

The Haunted is about the demonic haunting of the Smurls' family home. The family experienced banging and rappings in the wall, creatures materializing in the bathtub or in the shower, ghosts, shadow figures, phantom dogs, and even ordeals with a succubus and an incubus, respectively. 

The book was okay, and the hauntings were pretty creepy, but I felt the book was extremely repetitive. It was almost getting hard to keep reading. If it weren't for how creepy some of the hauntings were, I would have gave the book one star and been done. 

I'm a believer of the paranormal, but this book made me skeptical. There were a lot of coincidences and things that just seemed too farfetched. I don't know, I might do some research and look into the Smurls on YouTube. 

If you like spooky, this if for you.

Keep it creepy,
E. Reyes

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