Saturday, August 31, 2019

Maria the Wanted and the Legacy of the Keepers (Book Review)

Title: Maria the Wanted and the Legacy of the Keepers
Author: V. Castro
Publisher: Neilsen 
My Rating: 4/5

Maria the Wanted and the Legacy of the Keepers is a very unique, thrilling, and a fresh new take on the vampire genre. V. Castro has created something very special that I want to continue to read more of. In a world where we need more Latinx voices in literature, Maria the Wanted is a perfect addition to the cause.

I honestly didn't know what to really expect before I read this book. I read a tiny bit of the summary, but I wanted to go into this book fresh. I'm glad I did because there are a lot of twists and turns and crazy surprises; even up to the end!

The Keepers are an organization of vampires who are based in England and care for humanity. They're not the killing-human type.

We get Lucifer, a funny vampire named Vlad from Vegas, ancient vampires, a runaway-slave with a very sad story, a man who owns a boxing joint -- there's a whole lot going on and I thought that was awesome. I just hope to hear more about Vlad.

Personally, I'm really happy that V. Castro wrote this vampire tale about a woman from Mexico who comes to terms with her new vampire self and becoming a new and stronger person. We need more stories with diverse voices and characters of different races who aren't stereotypical.

V. Castro's writing is outstanding, pure, realistic, and even poetic at times. Each character is perfectly tailored and has their own way of talking and interacting. The book--besides the awesome Maria--is filled with strong characters we actually care about.

Check out Maria the Wanted and the Legacy of the Keepers now! You won't regret it!

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