Thursday, September 26, 2019

The Creepshow TV Series is Perfect Horror Television - Episode One Review!

Creepshow the TV series is what fans of the horror genre have wanted.

Watching the first episode of Creepshow made me feel like a kid again; watching something scary on TV that I shouldn't be seeing. This is great horror television. It doesn't need to rely heavily on sex, politics, or anything else that we've already seen. Creepshow brings us the weird, the twisted, the bizarre, and the spooky.

The intro is awesome. I love how they incorporate comic book style dialogue on some of the scenes. And the cinematography is beautiful.

The first episode "Gray Matter/The House of the Head" is a perfect introduction to the show. It highlights what the movie was about: monsters/creatures and the unknown/supernatural. I honestly can say that I had fun while watching this show and at the same time I felt the suspense and I felt creeped out.

"Gray Matter", directed by the great Greg Nicotero, is an adaption of the short story of the same name by the horror master Stephen King. I have read the story before, so I kind of got a jist of what to expect, but the ending was such a cool payoff. The gray matter monster is gross, scary, and looks awesome. It was also very cool to see Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) in the episode. The episode is about a boy's father who is an alcoholic, drinks some beer with some weird ooze in it, and slowly loses himself.

The second half of the first episode was "The House of the Head" which is an adaption of Josh Malerman's short story of the same name and is directed by John Harrison. This episode was my favorite because it was so damn creepy and suspenseful. And that little severe head is f*cking spooky! This episode was really suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my bed. The episode is about a creepy, zombie-like severed head that appears in a little girl's dollhouse one day. Someone is moving the dolls inside of the dollhouse and things get creepy fast.

I love that Shudder is bringing us Creepshow, and I hope they bring it back for another season because 6 episodes are not enough.

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