Sunday, October 6, 2019

'Trick 'r Treat' Movie Review

Trick 'r Treat (2007)
Directed by Michael Dougherty
Written by Michael Dougherty
Starring Dylan Baker, Rochelle Aytes, Anna Paquin, and Brian Cox

If an alien landed on Earth today and asked what Halloween was I would show that alien Trick 'r Treat.

Still gaining popularity twelve years after its release (Spirit Halloween has a lot of Sam merch), Trick 'r Treat is the Halloween go-to movie besides Halloween (1978) and, if you're too scared for horror flicks, Hocus Pocus (1993). And if it isn't your go-to Halloween movie it's either because you haven't watched it or you hate Halloween and having a good time.

I rewatched Trick 'r Treat for my Instagram challenge #OctoberMovieChallenge and I'm glad I've done so. I am trying to actually sit (or lay in bed) down and watch movies this October. I'm a dad and an author, so I rarely get the chance to really indulge in a movie unless I'm in a movie theater which is once a month (twice in a good month).

Trick ' r Treat is probably the best Halloween movie ever made. I love Michael Myers, but Trick ' r Treat is actually about the holiday of Halloween and includes myths and traditions and all that good horror stuff. and the fact that it is an anthology makes it even better. I really like how the characters intertwine somehow with the other stories being seen.

Sam (the embodiment of Samhain) is the cute little thing in an orange onesie and a burlap mask; carrying a bag of creatures? candy? and wielding a jack-o'-lantern lollipop that can be either very tasty or very dangerous. Take that burlap mask off and you have a pumpkin creature. I just love it. Sam is the icon of Halloween as much as Michael Myers is.

I love the werewolves, I love the crazy principal, but what the segment I really like is the ghost kids who drowned in the bus. That whole segment is spooky, sad, and so Halloween--just the vibes.

Trick 'r Treat has been in rotation every October ever since I first watched it on 2011 on Netflix.

And can someone tell Mike to put Godzilla on hold, please? What the hell happened to this? Is this the new Dr. Dre Detox album?

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