Friday, January 31, 2020

Read An Excerpt from The House on Moon Creek Avenue by E. Reyes

Below is an excerpt from my debut novel The House on Moon Creek Avenue

Cindy sat at the edge of her bed, gazing out of her bedroom window. She was scared and anxious—feelings that had become so familiar now that they were like unwanted friends who showed up uninvited at any moment. She took a deep breath and exhaled softly as she watched the drunken October sun waver just above the desert mountains.

It would be night soon, and that meant that the ghosts would be around as soon as the twilight kissed the sky with its pattern of twinkling stars, and the fading light from the sun casts a watered-down blue hue to the horizon.

Although Cindy was already feeling fear making the small hairs on her neck stand, and the nervousness biting at her chest, she felt a strange kind of relaxation bestow her. It wasn’t relaxation in the sense of bliss; it was relaxation in the sense of weary submission. Tranquility crept over Cindy as the anxiety nipping away at her nerves suddenly lifted. It was as if she was succumbing to the horrors in her home. What else was she supposed to do? Make herself sick and faint by waiting to see which ghost was going to appear when and where? She didn’t want to look at the bathroom or her bedroom door anymore. She wanted to look outside of her window this late evening. She was going to let the orange glow of the melting sun bathe her skin with its gentle warmth until the cold of autumn dominated, and nature’s light clocked out for the day.

Her daughter was with her sister, staying the night. The poor little girl was now too frightened to sleep another night in the house on Moon Creek Avenue. If she had to stay another night in her room, she feared that the man in her closet was going to hurt her this time. Cindy felt helpless and weak for not being able to protect her child. How was she supposed to protect her from something that was there but wasn’t? You couldn’t call the proper authorities for something that only showed up when it wanted to and then vanish without a trace. And it wasn’t only the man in the closet, for there were others.

As Cindy now sat complacently with a veil of dread over her, a face appeared underneath her bed. The face was pale and skeletal. Thin, blue lips formed a small “0” shape on the man’s face, but his expression was frozen. The eyes were dead—the color of gray smoke, and they watched Cindy’s legs and her feet. The man underneath her bed remained still, like a snake waiting to strike.

The bathroom door was closed, and there was a dead, naked woman standing right behind it. Her wrinkled cheek from marinating in blood and cold water was pressed up against the door as if she was eavesdropping a conversation. The woman smiled as she felt the misery that was emitting from the room behind the door. She pressed her face against the door harder, squishing the dead skin on her cheek and making water slide slowly down the door.

A new visitor had appeared in the hall. The young man simply walked up quietly and started to peer in as Cindy gazed out the window. The young man was wearing a black newsboy cap that was ruined with dried blood on the left side. Beneath the cap was a terrain of gore that implicated a gunshot wound. The blood ran down his shirt and speckled the top of his gray cardigan. He stood in the hall and watched like an art admirer at a gallery. He had no clue why he was in the house, so he had started looking around.

Cindy felt all of these eyes on her but didn’t care at this moment. Her mind hadn’t particularly gone to break, never to return just yet. She was just thinking why me? and wondering what was going to happen. Her options were slim to none. It was either write back to the ghost investigators and see if they can help, live with the ghosts and find some curandero to bless the house (she had been Googling local yerberia shops), or live with her dad—again, until she was able to save enough money to get her and her daughter an apartment. She didn’t want to go to a yerberia. She didn’t want to live with her dad and his envious new wife. She didn’t want to leave her nana’s house. She was now wrestling with the thought of having the paranormal investigators in her home. All she had to do was reply and they’d show up, but was she going to go forward with that?

The sun finally dipped behind the mountain.

The orange glow was now replaced by the dark blue shadows of dusk. The sun was on its way around the globe. Stars started to shimmer dimly as the sky started its transition into night.

With a heavy feeling in her chest and stomach, Cindy thought she better turn on the light in her room.

The man underneath reached out a bony hand and clasped it around Cindy’s right ankle.

Cindy screamed.

The House on Moon Creek Avenue is available on eBook, Paperback, and Kindle Unlimited.

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