Saturday, February 15, 2020

Joe Hill - Full Throttle - Book Review

The stories in Joe Hill's FULL THROTTLE can go from meth-dealing bikers to a secret door that opens to fauns, from ghostly patrons returning way past-due books to a bookmobile to a field of tall grass that is like a fatal dose of LSD. Not one of these stories was a dud, and I enjoyed them.

I have read "Throttle" (a story about a biker gang being chased down by a ravenous semi), "Wolverton Station" (a train station that is populated with werewolves), "By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain" (A Loch Ness type monster washes ashore), "Thumbprint" (a story about a woman back from Iraq who is being hunted by someone in the states), "Twittering from the Cirus of the Dead" (a story composed of a series of Tweets by a young girl who takes a nasty trip with her family and they wind up at a strange circus), and "In the Tall Grass" (a pregnant woman and her brother are stopped by a voice yelling for help on the side of the road, in the tall grass, and end up lost and going in circles once they step inside), but it was years ago and, honestly, I feel as if I grew as a reader and I'm able to retain what I read a lot better. I don't know if that happens to other people (get better with reading the more you read), but it certainly happened to me, so it was like reading these stories for the first time. And I was surprised and still enjoyed them like they were new.

I am very happy that I purchased a signed edition of this book from Barnes and Noble because I really enjoyed this book, and I look forward to many more short stories from Joe Hill.


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