Thursday, October 15, 2020

Halloween Horror Anthology 'The Halloween Grindhouse' is now available!

 My Halloween anthology The Halloween Grindhouse is now available on eBook, Paperback, and Kindle Unlimited! 

Get into the Halloween spirit and pick up a copy today!

Here is the synopsis:

From the author of Devil's Hill and The House on Moon Creek Avenue comes a new anthology of grindhouse horror in The Halloween Grindhouse.

On Halloween night, four friends use a new app that takes users to random locations that are considered weird, creepy, and haunted. The location generated for them is an abandoned house in a sketchy neighborhood.

Upon entering the empty home, they find a room containing an old television set, a VCR, and a set of videotapes. What is on the tapes will bring them instant regret, fear, and a new threat that awaits them under the full October moon.

Includes the short story "Mischief" and four new original tales of Halloween horror and suspense.

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  1. Im trying to track down a copy of Halloween Grindhouse. Any options out there, Mr Reyes? Thank you,
    A fan