Friday, October 1, 2021

New Halloween Horror Collection 'Devil's Hill II' by E. Reyes


When midnight creeps in, and Halloween is upon the city of Devil’s Hill, Arizona, the veil between this world and the spirit world is lifted once again by witches. As the witches’ pumpkin man rises from the dead and curses the ground he walks on, evil unleashes, and sacrifices unravel.


A mysterious truck protects Satan’s Tree and won’t stop until trespassers perish in “Satan’s Tree Lives.” An unconventional wake takes place in a backyard with terrifying results in “The Backyard Wake.” Teens are getting mutilated and drained of their blood in “Season of the Vampires.” A mother and her teenage son are terrorized in the early hours of Halloween by evil forces in “The Witching Hour.” A group of friends sneaks into their middle school to see if it’s haunted in “She Roams the Halls.” A night shift worker has an unexpected and hair-raising night in “Moon Transformation.” P.I.G.s (short for Paranormal Investigation Guys) investigate a haunted house dubbed The House of Souls in “The House of Souls Halloween Special.” A serial killer and a cameraman set to record a snuff film of real-life slashing in “Home Movie.”  A Halloween attraction reopens for a deadly surprise in “Old Devil’s Hill Studios.” Three witches summon an ancient deity in "The Pumpkin Man."


In this collection, ripe for the Halloween season, no one is safe.


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